• CoolTop, Nicaliving, and former Linux Publisher Phil Hughes in Nicaragua

  • Welcome to Nicaragua, where Mr. Hughes's "backup bride" is, according to him, 15.

    Phil Hughes Backup Bride "This was my backup bride. Just in case. :-)" said Phil Hughes.

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    ?Que pasó con la "esposa en reserva" - apenas quinceñera - que tenía este gringo Phil Hughes, ? Haz click aqui o aqui

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  • April 13, 2009

    Linux Gazette connection exposed on therealnicaragua.com

    Readers of therealnicaragua were recently treated to some interesting links comparing the history of Nicaliving to the Linux Gazette - in this post from this thread we found these links: linux gazette and more on the linux gazette - and finally another on the linux gazette history - all of which, in light of this sketch and these quotes from the "great" "man" make the situation clear.
  • March 17, 2009

    Phil Hughes corroborates that there really is a story about him buying Aracely an "older" cedula

    Phil Hughes corroborates that there really is a story about him buying Aracely - a girl who as a minor had lived in his house - having bought her a "several-years-older" cedula, as we raised about six months ago on this site. You can read it for yourself at nicaliving.
  • February 2009

    Phil said "We don't have an agenda" and "we just encourage open discussions"

    Indeed, we found that Phil said on more than one occasion, "We don't have an agenda" and "we just encourage open discussions". Here is just one instance. posted January 2, 2009 03:14:51
    NicaLiving.com -- FROM fyl@a42.com Date: 18 Feb 2006 Over two years ago I started a web site called NicaLiving.com. While primarily for English-speaking people who either live in or intend to move to Nicaragua, there is a lot of general social content and, well, information. Today, there are close to 1500 registered users (meaning people who can post to the site). Anyone can read content without a login. Unlike so many other Nicaragua web sites, we don't have an agenda. That is, we don't try to make Nicaragua sound better (or worse) than it is. We just encourage open discussions of topics of interest. Stop by and take a look. The "Regions" section offers some general information (it needs a lot more work) and the "Photos" section now has hundreds of photos from around Nicaragua. We do of course find it heart-warming to hear him so optimistic, but we have also taken note of other perspectives, such as that Nicaraguan real estate agents sometimes work by censorship at nicaliving to avoid having anyone find out the truth about Nicaraguan real estate. Indeed, hardly anyone even goes to his site anymore. Most Nicaragua addicts now just stick to the real nicaragua for posting and sometimes visit the Central America Forum. For a few stories on the ways Mr. Hughes has destroyed his credibility with some people, I found some posts about the People's Republic of NL Including these gems:
    • * There is a good reason TRN was created, the writing has been on the wall for a long time. He let others build him a congregation, then he stole the pulpit.
    • ** Martial law claims another poster on NL, I was posting across the street as bluewater and took Fydel to task about misrepresenting the CAFTA votes in Nicaragua and Chavez militarism. The next day every post was deleted and he jerked my user account after I asked for his rules for censorship and prior restraint to avoid further deletion. Total coward and total cry baby.
    • *** He deleted my comment about NL being just like China. Must be true.

  • Phil Responds Responds by Adding to His Story

    December 21, 2008 03:14:51

    If you click carefully on the links and go to the Original of the page, you will see the following new addition by Phil Hughes. Clearly he is one of our dear readers. And just to attempt to insult our expose, he posted this additional information about his backup bride - she

    18 now

    Submitted by fyl on 15 December, 2008 - 10:56.

    "She was just visiting here yesterday. She moved to Tipitapa some time ago.

    The updates are that she is 18 now and has two kids."

    Indeed, investigating Phil Hughes recent posts on his nicaliving site, we found several in the past week alone regarding sex with minors and advertisements of minors looking for marriage. We wonder whether he had the minor's parental permission to post those advertisements. And while your mileage may vary, we wonder how many of those kids in Tipitapa are Phil's.

  • Libel is ok, if you're Phil Hughes, that is?

    According to what we have gathered, Mr. Peter Christopher Nicaragua has now been entirely banned from Phil Hughes's nicaliving site. Apparently, in response to the following post by Jon Berger - http://www.nicaliving.com/node/13652 - backup here - Mr. Christopher had posted his response - http://peterchristopher.com/nl/nov-11-nl.html - which according to email communications were deleted due to a violation of link policy and was the cause for his being banned from nicaliving?  We had begun investigating this question when we in fact even saw on nicaliving Mr. Christopher's post of that link before it was deleted by the administrators; and further in our investigation have found that Mr. Christopher claimed while writing about Nicaragua's "Dictator" Ortega that both he and gueguense (presumably these are the two to whom he refers) were banned from nicaliving, implying that Phil Hughes was acting on FSLN orders in doing so (a proposition we consider odd, but after all, it's Nicaragua; and who else could match Mr. Christopher's hubris in suggesting that el DOS himself was after him).  But we are now left wondering, if Jon Berger (an administrator of Phil Hughes's nicaliving site) now knows the original libel of Sherif, and the insinuations of Phil Hughes and others, posted on nicaliving, to be false, then indeed they are perpetuating libel.  Whether that is for political or personal reasons, we do not understand.  Why do they care about Mr. Christopher?  Banned is banned.

  • Comparing predictions

    We found these interesting comments from early 2006, when two of our favorite writers were hard at work telling it like it is about Nicaragua. Before "Ortega Returns". Before Cool Top Cooltop. Before Censorship. Here you go.

    First, Ortega won't win. That just can't happen... That said, if Ortega was president, I just don't think it would make a huge difference. Local government is well-established and very important... unlike 20 years ago, there is a well-established constitution, a real national assembly and a lot of people who have had time to see government run by other than the Somoza family... We have also seen corruption exposed and while I would not say the current government is corruption-free, the people seem to like the idea of less corruption.


    Ortega is going to win. Why? Because Nicaraguan people love drama more than progress. And he knows it and knows how to play it. This time, Nicaragua will be the warzone between Venezuela and the US...


    Now what we see are two very different analyses of Nicaraguan culture and predictions about how that culture progresses politically.


    Turning to a different subject, we find on fyl website this:

    Gato is a cat. But, a sign that says Taller de Gato is more like to fix hydraulic jacks than cats. — Phil

    And we find on Mr. Christopher website that:

    Gato does not mean jack. That is gata. El gato. La gata.


    What we want to know is, why did Mr. Christopher ever trust fyl from the beginning? Mr. Christo wrote, "I am fine that Fyl talked me into coming and staying." We say, horsecrap he is fine with it. And he should not be fine with it. Indeed, as we have found in our research and shown, fyl is indeed a profit-motivated, dishonest person who does not know much about Nicaragua.

    This reminds us of the quote, "Democracies always elect the best leaders. Because, no matter how stupid the leaders, the electorate was even stupider to have elected them."

    Indeed, anyone who trusted someone as misinformed and systematically dishonest as Phil Hughes needs to have his operating system reinstalled. If these men are both using linux for their websites, maybe they need to try a different solution. We find both Phil Hughes and Peter Christopher absolutely guilty of the charge of Stupidity.

  • Email Reportedly Sent

    According to sources (thank you), the following is the text of an email sent by Peter Christopher, reportedly which was noticed by some member of the nicaliving website:

    "If you continue to make your plans too big, then nothing will happen, not even one bean will be harvested, not even one serving of mesclun will be harvested, not even one shovel will be bought. When it comes to practicalities, you need to think smaller to start with, and only later expand."

  • Libel?? or Fraud?? What's Worse Anyway?

    Although we did previously tease Mr. Berger about his innocence (does he even use linux?), it appears he does know certain things about law. For instance, here he provides us a definition of fraud.


    There he states:


    Under common law, three elements are required to prove fraud:

    1.) A material false statement made with an intent to deceive (scienter).
    2.) A victim’s reliance on the statement.
    3.) Damages.

    Criminal and civil frauds differ in the level of proof required. For civil cases that burden is a “preponderance of evidence.” In criminal fraud the standard is “beyond a reasonable doubt.”


    Laying aside the case of Mr. Christopher, which seems to be shrouded in history, we wonder how Mr. Hughes fairs according to Mr. Berger's criteria.

    We have clearly (in our previous blog post) demonstrated Mr. Hughes's material false statement regarding violent crime in Nicaragua, which may be the only misrepresentation of Nicaragua or may be one of many, as the case may be.

    Can we demonstrate any person's reliance on Mr. Hughes's statements?

    We do know that Mr. Hughes personally met Ken Kinzel, an American who was murdered in Nicaragua:


    However, we cannot verify that Mr. Kinzel relied upon any statements of Mr. Hughes to decide how to live his lifestyle in Nicaragua.

    While it is true that Mr. Kinzel is dead, and widely accepted that he was naive, we cannot ascertain that Mr. Hughes's advice was actually relied on by Mr. Kinzel - this link (written by Mr. Kinzel himself) is next to useless. http://www.nicaliving.com/node/5742

    Therefore we fine Mr. Hughes not necessarily the news.

  • "violent crime rates here are lower than the US"

    We wonder: Does Phil Hughes's dedication to publicize Nicaragua extend beyond the website nicaliving.com?

    We found on another website:

    "violent crime rates here [Nicaragua] are lower than the US" -Phil Hughes fyl@a42.com nicafyl@gmail.com nica.apl@gmail.com

    And yet, according to 2007-2008 data:

    United States: 5.6 reported homicides per 100,000 annually
    Nicaragua: 12.8 reported homicides per 100,000 annually
    Costa Rica: 6.2 reported homicides per 100,000 annually


    [Do not forget: "Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence." - http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/cri_mur_percap-crime-murders-per-capita]

  • First They Came

    Jon Berger, a real estate agent in Nicaragua, has recently revealed results of his initial investigation on Peter Christopher. (http://www.nicaliving.com/node/13284). We did some background research on Mr. Berger, who is apparently with the outfit Nicaragua Real Estate (http://www.nicaragua-realty.com/).

    We find he has said:

    ...a legal Nicaraguan Court has said...
    ...We should accept that decision ...
    ...Let the process run it’s course without trying to buy justice...



    We are left thinking that Mr. Berger is either very innocent of the reality of Nicaragua (he didn't read the comments just above his by Kelly Ann Thomas? he hasn't been taken to court yet on false charges? if so, how long has he actually been in Nicaragua?) Or he is trying to present Nicaragua in a favorable light? Even from Afghanistan, we can see that Nicaraguan justice is about as fair as Karl Rove's politics. And yet, fellow concerned world citizens shouldn't "interfere" by expressing support in public for the hope that evidence and truth should prevail over party affiliation and race? Fellow humans should be patient and conform, even when the adversary is lying under oath in court, paying off justices and judges, threatening physical violence, engaging in physical violence, property confiscation, media sensationalism based on lies and propaganda, all of course with the approval of the "constitutional" government? (What a shame Herty "died of natural causes" shortly after receiving threats from the Ortegas and shortly before the election in which he would have spoiled Ortega's "victory".)

    While we commend Mr. Berger for not engaging in the rumor-mill, we would be more impressed if Mr. Berger took the time to do some cross-cultural and historical analysis.

    We are reminded of the following. Perhaps if Mr. Berger has truly been married forty years, he is old enough to remember the reference. We don't know whether he understands the German, so we also include the English.

    Als sie die Kommunisten geholt haben, habe ich geschwiegen.
    - denn ich war ja kein Kommunist.
    Als sie die Sozialisten und Gewerkschafter geholt haben, habe ich geschwiegen.
    - denn ich war ja keins von beiden.
    Als sie die Juden geholt haben, habe ich geschwiegen.
    - denn ich war ja kein Jude.
    Als sie mich geholt haben, hat es niemanden mehr gegeben, der protestieren konnte.

    First they came for the Communists,
    - but I was not a communist so I did not speak out.
    Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists,
    - but I was neither, so I did not speak out.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    - but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out.
    And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.

  • who threw the first stone?

    We have conducted further research by searching for "Peter Christopher" on the site nicaliving.com...

    At long last, we have now identified the page where this online power-struggle began.

    On the following page (to the best of our knowledge not modified recently by anyone) Peter Christopher posted a brief analysis of Nicaraguan culture and the role of Trivelli and Ortega.


    The user (and at the time, one of only three users of the site with administrative privileges on the site) "Pete" responded to Peter's comments. This is apparently something Peter referers to (without providing URL) in his letter to Phil Hughes, to which we have posted a link in a previous blog entry.

    So we find ourselves, on this question at least, agreeing with Peter Christopher -- a careful look at this page showed us that the administrators of the site condoned harassment of Peter Christopher.

    It is a shame that we do not know at this point how/whether we can verify or disprove for ourselves or the public any of the later claims by "fyl", "GranadaSherif", "ATZ", et al. that are deemed ficitious libel by Peter Christopher. If Peter Christopher is correct, and Phil Hughes is responsible personally for the transmission and creation of libel and harassment, (and he certainly has a financial interest in discrediting Peter Christopher's stories and perspectives), we are disgusted and will reconsider our plans to relocate from Kabul to Esteli.

    How could we go about this investigation, as we, being located in Kabul, cannot ourselves take Mr. Christopher's advice and investigate in Carazo; not to mention our Spanish being far from "everyday use"?

  • Peter Christopher Himself Gives Our Web Blog More Publicity!!!!!

    More information has been made available to me!

    Well, it appears that, for all his huffing and puffing about not posting on the site nicaliving.com, that Peter Christopher has, after two years of absense from that site, returned to post again.  Could we have yet another flame war on our hands?

    We can only hope that he does continue to post links to our blog in as many places as possible, as we do cherish the publicity, hi ho!

    Submitted by girly3 on 21 September, 2008 - 20:46.

    why are you scared to post your reponce?...im here because i want you to say sorry for what you did to woman like me that you hurted. we woman are human being feels hurt. a simple apology, is enough for us as you hurted.

    * Login or register to post comments

    Hello Joy
    Submitted by peterchristopher on 22 September, 2008 - 08:39.

    Hello Joy (obviously you are using another alias).

    I was deliberately delaying publicly posting a rapid response to your sad soliloquy, to give you a chance to do more research and come to a more informed conclusion on your own. Since you are apparently not interested in doing so, I shall now give you the response I wrote when I received your original email directing me back to this site where I have such fond memories of libel, censorship, and intimidation.


    In case you do not understand what motivation the individuals on this site might have to have spent over two years in character defamation, you might consider viewing this site, apparently yet another Nicaragua forum that claims to present unbiased information.


    -Peter Christopher

  • Please make it stop

    This is over the top. Now, just comparing notes on Phil Hughes and Peter Christopher - we have a Mr. Hughes who is claiming the moral high ground because he supposedly never broke some such "Codigo de la Ninyeza" or some such law that was passed by Aleman.

    And yet, according to an email received from Mr. Christopher (which we have permission to print) "Phil Hughes introduced me to a girl in his neighborhood. She had been living in his house and in the house immediately across the street, and Phil desperately wanted me to become involved with her. I thought she was nice, we went for a walk, and she kissed me once in a nice way in the street in Esteli, and it seemed charming and genuine. Then she explained that she was actually 15 or 16 (she didn't know), that Phil was trying to process papers to get her a different cedula (identity document) stating that she was 18 or 19. She explained that, according to what Phil had told her when she lived in his house, her parents had not properly filed her original birth certificate in a timely manner, and this was the reason her birth certificate was wrong. I freaked out and left town on the next bus. A few days later I received an email from Phil Hughes stating that the girl had broken it off with me."

    Then we investigated more closely some additional links provided by Peter Christopher. We looked at this:


    and we looked at this


    and we looked at this


    and this



    So, she was 15 in 2005, but 18 in 2004, then she thought she was 16 in 2005, then 19 in 2006, but already in 2005 Phil Hughes was writing "Want to marry her? She's available." Then in 2007, Phil Hughes reports, "Still available -- Apparently just dumped a recent boyfriend. " Now, in 2008, according to the links provided, she moved to Esteli at age 16, and this was seven years ago, making her 23. Indeed, we also follow that Mr. Hughes is still trying to help the girl find "honest" work, as she did not live up to his standards as a live-in "helper" before his marriage to Ana; but as soon as he gets a job offer for her to work with a gringo (in the other link), he backpedals and calls it off? Presumably the gangster boyfriend in the bar isn't so bad after all? We hate to think Phil might have another reason to keep her close to home.

    So, we wonder, what exactly is Mr. Phil Hughes's history with and interest in the person in question?

    We also note that Peter Christopher himself reported that he had indeed kissed the girl, in one of those links. This of course contradicts his letter, which stated that she had kissed him (singular) whereas on the website nicaliving.com it is clearly stated "kisses" (plural). In Peter Christopher's defense, it could be argued that while he may have only received one kiss from her personally, it could be that he had knowledge of kisses she had given to other persons, or perhaps he was just wanting the reader to believe that he could judge based on one kiss, that she hypothetically also gives more than one, under the right circumstances.

    Whatever the case, we may have discovered a chink in the amor of both Peter Christopher and Phil Hughes.

    All we can say is that this is getting interestinger and interestinger, grasshopper. We also found this: http://www.nicaliving.com/node/2478 but it seems to have nothing to do with Peter Christopher, perhaps the reason he did not find it. Here, Mr. Hughes's "backup wife" is, according to him, 15. Phil Hughes Backup Bride "This was my backup bride. Just in case. :-)" said Phil Hughes.

    We also include the following links, provided by Peter Christopher, that seem to be identical to those already listed, except that he is also advertising his website URL. Well, if we have missed some critical difference, we don't want to be guilty of misrepresentation.

    We encourage the innocent reader to carefully read all the links provided above only with his or her own barf-bag at hand.


  • Verification

    Speaking of Verification,

    The only verification about the so-called Sherif El-Dibani we were able to locate (we are attempting to very the facts from Mr. Christopher's missive) was that someone by that name was indeed reported to represent Computers Mean Business...


    Apparently, Sherif is nothing more than a window shopper? Or did we misread the article?

    How could such a personality have managed to have no online identity??

    Is Sherif actually an alias of Mr. Hughes?

    This is starting to remind me of the scene in Ghostbusters where the guy from Stripes is asked, "Is this true?" and the response, if i remember correctly, is "This man has no penis." I don't remember why the other party grew so furious at that point: he must have lacked the composure of monsiuers Christopher, Hughes, and Dibani.

  • Background information on censorship??

    Hello, we are attempting to verify Mr. Christopher's claim that Mr. Hughes has been censoring posts. Unfortunately, we are unable to verify it. I mean, I mean, how do you prove that somebody has deleted something that somebody else posted somewhere !!??

    We do have this post


    but the Jack Davy in question appears to simply be one of Mr. Hughes's jilted lovers. Why should we trust her !!?? Was she left out of cootop eco-lodge?

    Then we have this series of posts beginning with this one


    But this user's name is "manager of disinformation"!!!??? If this is another one of Mr. Hughes's ex's (we distinctly do not believe Mr. Christopher's implication that Mr. Hughes has never experienced sex), we can understand from the picture alone why Mr. Hughes felt justified in cutting him off.

    Maybe this person is even the same person as Jacky Davy.

    this leaves us at a loss how to proceed with the investigation.

    If any reader can help us with this, it would be appreciated.

  • White Guy in Panama

    Is there anyone who can provide the text of the message sent by Peter Christopher to the white guy in Panama? Maybe this will help us unravel the mystery.

  • Peter Christopher With Nicaraguan Workers

    Peter Christopher

    This was the only picture available of Peter Christopher, as he has apparently lapsed on paying his website dues. (He is shown here abusing Nicaraguan workers and enjoying the company of their daughters), advance apologies to Peter Christopher if we have not properly captioned it. If what was implied on some of these pages is true, we have got to ask the obvious question: "What were they thinking?" On the other hand, it becomes obvious from just this one poor quality photo exactly the trouble Mr. Christopher experienced when he was (according to him) repeatedly rejected in Nicaragua by persons he hoped might consider being his girlfriend: with a hat like that, it's no wonder he had better luck in Asia.

  • A Man Whose Investigative Prowess We Can Trust?


    Sherif El-Dibani, according to web pages, was active on the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of Nicaragua in the transportation business and as a guest relations officer, but now wants to sell the boat. Any additional information would be redundant. No accurate information has been made overwhelmingly available concerning his romantic preference.

    We hope that he was not drinking and typing.

  • Libel or Investigative Journalism?

    Apparently Phil Hughes, Sherif El Dibani, and Peter Christofer - three gringoes living in Nicaragua - have been busy carefully monitoring one another's romantic and professional work for years now. We arrive rather late in the story and at this point can only refer to the following links that have been made available by the respective individuals presenting their findings (our apologies in advance for the sheer volume of information here that we have been unable to categorize in any order):





    We are in touch with the individuals in question, and we hope they can resolve their differences, although at this point it appears to require a miracle.

    We will attempt to remain a breast in developments as revelations are made available to us by the parties in question and also to comment on the compilations and communiserate the comments.

    Please relax, remain calmy, take deep breaths.

    Please forgive me if I am unable to maintain my (com?)posure: I'm an 85-year-old, incontenental Afghani woman who has never gotten past my fixation on the lower 48 where I lived and also where my consciencsiousneses still reside; did I mention John F Kennedy or where I was on September eleventh?

    We would like to summarize these Peter Christopher letters, but frankly we have been unable to do so. It appears to hinge around the questions - 1) Are there local Nicaraguans who knowingly spread false information to Sherif El-Dibani - or was Sherif El-Dibani misled by people who sought to harm Peter, or at least have a laugh? 2) Did Phil Hughes then propogate unverified and perhaps false information provided by Sherif El-Dibani in an attempt to increase his profit potential as a Nicaraguan landowner and owner of Nicaraguan websites -- or was Phil Hughes sharing verified information, helping foreigners living in Nicaragua to cut through what may have been lies of Peter Christopher?

    It does appear that legally and morally Peter Christopher is correct that Phil Hughes as publisher of the site had the responsibility to verify the truth of the accusations, particularly since Peter Christopher claims to have alerted him to their supposedly libelous character. Likewise, Sherif claims to have investigated fully, but we are left with the very serious doubt -- why should we trust Sherif's abilities to understand the situation and his integrity to report accurately -- should we trust Sherif just because some vocal persons (and a site owner with a conflict of interest) appear to trust him???

  • Phil and Ron

  • Presenting Both Sides

    This will be a blog that presents both sides of information about Phil Hughes, a US citizen living in Nicaragua as owner of eco lodge cooltop and engaging in business in Nicaragua after his work in Seattle with SSC Linux Journal and Tux Linux Publishing. In this forum we will try to present, with an openness to humor, information that appears to actually be serious, concerning several personalities with apparently interwoven histories and economic interests.

  • Phil and Ron

    This is a picture of Phil Hughes.

    Although some controversy surrounds Mr. Hughes on assorted public forums concerning Nicaragua, it is not clear from this picture whether he has offended anyone by his choice of beverage or his choice of t-shirt.